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Thermetry is a patented cloud-based intelligent system (IS) that provides automated infrared imaging  analytics for a wide range of healthcare, research and wellness industry solutions.  Our innovative technology precisely detects anatomical regions and accurately measures thermal data within zones relative to specific physiological processes. Thermetry generates reports using advanced visualizations (including anatomical illustrations, charts and graphs) to present data insights in an organized, user-friendly format. 



An online portal for professionals  using digital infrared thermal cameras to interface with a computer through WIFI, SD card or USB.


An IOS portal for professionals to  interface the Apple iPad with the    FLIR ONE Pro using the mobile Thermetry application.


Schedule a consult with a Thermetry specialist to learn how we can provide customizable analytic solutions to optimize your project goals.



Subscribe to Thermetry

To subscribe, simply request a consult to have a Thermetry sales specialist contact you and discuss imaging solutions, analytic reports and the subscription plan that best matches your clinical or research needs.  We do not charge expensive upfront fees or require long-term commitments. We trust our system will become an invaluable asset for your practice.  


Access Your Account

Once you have subscribed to Thermetry, log in to your account to add new clients, edit or review existing clients files or generate Thermetry reports.  Choose from an expansive database of industry-specific analytic reports or search using BIOS for the anatomical region you want to image and the physiology zones to be analyzed.


Upload Infrared Images 

Our system will guide you through the imaging process with a step-by-step interactive guide with reference images to ensure that your submissions are taken at the correct angles and distances.  Once uploaded, all images are inspected using a a 10-point control check to ensure quality standards for precision analytics prior to data extraction. Our system will promptly reject any images that do not meet this standard, along with instructions on how to correct the issue.


Receive Detailed Reports

Thermetry reports are generated within minutes and are automatically stored within your client's existing file.  Reports are easily accessed, printed or shared for consultation or collaboration.  In addition, client progress may be monitored over time using our innovative side-by-side tracking feature. 


DITI Camera Compatibility

Camera Icon.png

Generate Thermetry reports using your current approved DITI camera or contact one of our specialists to learn more about integrating Thermetry into your practice, including which DITI camera would optimally serve your clinical or research needs.

User-Friendly Applications


Navigating the Thermetry platform is user-friendly and intuitive.  From adding new clients to generating interpretive reports, our step-by-step instructional guidance will ensure that our system is easily incorporated into your current practices.

Multispectral Capabilities

Multispectral Icon.png

Thermetry can extract, measure and analyze data beyond the infrared spectrum. Our system can synchronize and analyze multispectral data from any combination of infrared, high-resolution RGB and ultraviolet imaging cameras.

Intelligent Cloud Analytics


Professionals have the freedom to access our powerful database from anywhere in the world.  Whether using our Thermetry IOS app or through our premium online portal, comprehensive reports can be generated with an iPad or computer.

Precise Anatomical Detection


Thermetry precisely detects, measures and analyzes infrared data within anatomical regions. A professional is guided through a step-by-step process to correctly take and upload images for our innovative system to analyze the data to generate reports.

Reports Generated in Minutes


Thermetry inspects each image for quality assurance and accurately analyzes up to 1000 parameters per image within a matter of minutes; a process that would require hours and multiple software programs to manually complete.

Scalable and Customizable

Scalability Icon.png

Thermetry continues to develop reports for a wide-range of research, clinical and retail projects.  Thermetry provides full consulting services with a team of graphic designers, software engineers, data analysts and medical advisers to create turn-key solutions.

Imaging Quality Assurance  


Environment and imaging standards are verified by the system for quality assurance prior to any data extraction. A professional is notified within minutes of any environmental factors or imaging errors as well as instructions on steps to resolve the issues.

Organized and Secured Data

client database.png

Data is organized and secured within the Thermetry database. Easily access and manage client accounts and track progress over time using our innovative tracking system that allows professionals to review comparative data side-by-side.

laptop angled2.png


The Thermetry application is an advanced data management system that offers clinical and research professionals a powerful tool for accessing our expansive database of imaging analytics; a way to interface their imaging hardware and upload images using our interactive imaging guidance system for quality assurance; and a means to securely store client image files and generated reports in an organized and referenceable format.

Desktop & iPad IOS Versions Available



Anatomical Regions



Physiological Zones



Types of Reports


Access our expansive library of anatomical regions and physiology processes for automated imaging analytics using Thermetry BIOS.  Simply select the anatomical region to be imaged and the type of physiology data to be analyzed. Our system guides the professional through the process of uploading the necessary infrared images for automated analysis and reporting. Reports include thermal image optimization, data visualizations including graphs and charts and raw data presented in an organized, user-friendly format for quick and easy referencing. 

Translate Your Thermal Imaging Data into an Organized, Objective and Insightful Format.


Proprietary Anatomical Models


Visual Analytic Charts and Graphs


Enhanced IR Imaging Resolution


User-Friendly Generated Reports


Easily Share Reports with Clients

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