Enhancing the Decision-Making Capabilities of Clinical and Research Professionals Through IR Solutions.

Our company has invested years into the development of Thermetry by integrating it into our cloud-based imaging analytics system. Thermetry was not designed to replace the expertise of a professional, but instead, to provide insight and maximize their decision-making capabilities.  Our team focused on creating a product that is affordable, user-friendly and eliminates many of the challenges associated with integrating infrared imaging technology into a practice.  We continue to find ways to optimize Thermetry through considerations of subscriber feedback, collaborations with experts in various fields, and with our leadership team comprised of physicists, doctors, imaging experts and data analysts.


Our company takes raw imaging data and employs techniques using our cutting-edge algorithms to extract, analyze and deliver information with quantified answers you can accurately trust designed to meet specific industry needs.  Our company has created ready-to-use analytics for a diverse range of industries, academic fields, and scientific use-cases and we offer development expertise to build custom, commercial-grade applications, data processing workflows, UX/UI design and productivity tools.   



Ready-to-use infrared analytics with reports developed for specific industry settings.



Ready-to-use infrared analytics and we will build customized reports for your project.



Completely custom analytics and designed reporting for your specific project needs.


Let Thermetry translate imaging data into highlighted protocols.  We can develop custom solutions to highlight products, services and protocols based on generated analytic results.  Thermetry provides comprehensive consultation services with a team of graphic designers, software engineers, data analysts and medical advisers to create turn-key solutions for your specific company or research project.  Contact us today to learn more.




A focus on providing measurable data for insights which are objective and validate decisions, services and therapies for optimal supportive directions.



A focus on providing services that are user-friendly and facilitate interactive step-by-step instructions to guide the professional throughout the imaging process.



A focus on providing conclusive information through precise data extraction techniques, quality control protocols and intelligent imaging processing systems.



A focus on providing applications that drive unitive engagement
and communication between professionals
and their clients through our reporting models.



A focus on providing industry-specific reports with measurements and interpretive information  that is supportive to decision-making efforts of the professional. 

Building Strategic Partnerships and Developing Imaging Analytic Solutions with a FOCUS on Industry Needs. 


Our leadership team is comprised of successful innovators, engineers, researchers, doctors, data analysts, educators and business experts that have years of knowledge, experience and are well-respected within their fields.  Each team member is committed to the mission, vision, ethics and governance of our company and technologies.  Our leaders strive to improve our standards and seek new ways in which our technology can enhance clinical and research efforts.  

Charles Geiger (Co-founder, System Technologies)

Mr. Geiger brings more than 20 years of experience leading technology and product organizations at some of the largest companies in the world.  He has served as Chief Technology Officer at PayPal, Ask.com and Wine.com, Vice President of Product Development at eBay, senior-level positions at Travelocity and Texas Instruments and is currently the lead technologies consultant for the NFL and Department of Homeland Security.

Gregory Lewis (Co-founder, System Analytics)

Mr. Lewis has over 15 years of experience developing and managing bioinformatics technologies while consulting with Fortune 500 companies, government-funded programs and independent research projects. His innovative computational methods for analyzing data have been implemented within a wide range of fields involving genetic profiling, behavior management, brain-mapping, nutritional profiling and dermatological screenings.   

Daniel Farkus, PhD(System Imaging)

Dr. Farkas offers 25 years of experience instructing, researching, and developing bioimaging and bioengineering technologies. With a PhD in Biophysics, he was the Director of a National Science and Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Director of the Bioimaging Laboratories at University of Pittsburgh, Director of the Minimally Invasive Surgical Technologies Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Professor of Biomedical Sciences (as well as Research Professor in Biomedical Engineering) at Univ. of Southern California.  In addition, Dr. Farkas has won the Smithsonian Award for Science and is currently focusing his expertise on optic bioimaging and biophotonics.

Shahaf Shakuf (Project Management) 

Mr. Shakuf has over 20 years of experience planning, guiding and implementing processes of enterprise software systems for many companies including Microsoft, Chegg, IAI, Neocraft and Simogon. His expertise as a successful project manager and lead architect has created a demand for his design, development and execution of software systems.

Hongxiang Hui, MD, PhD (System Reporting)

Dr. Hui has over 20 years of experience instructing and practicing medicine as well as researching and developing biotechnologies.  Director of American Institute for Advanced Medicine and a Principle Scientist at UCLA, he has been a member of the research faculty since 2002. Dr. Hui has authored over 150 scientific papers and has been awarded dozens of patents on metabolic and biocenology studies. Dr. Hui serves on the board of 8 international journals in nutrition and precision medicine. Dr. Hui is an active consultant for the government in medicine and biotechnology including the  Guangdong FDA advisory committee and the Pacific-Asia Precision Medicine Forum.

Oded Shoshan  (Software & Graphics Development)

Mr. Shoshan has been leading UX/UI and software development for over 17 years.  With experience as a senior engineer and software company CEO, he has overseen development for the Elite Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, Good Year, Liveperson, Chegg, Health.io and a wide range of other  mobile, web and desktop programs.  

Vladimir Nikishenko, PhD (System Development)

As the former CTO of Kazooloo and lead engineer for a vast number of augmented and virtual reality projects, Mr. Niki is an expert in object recognition technologies, computational imaging systems and brings over 10 years of experience with machine learning, back-end system performances and the development of interpretive and predictive expert systems.

Nancy McCarty (Business Relations)

Ms. McCarty is a strategic partnership and business relations specialist with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in marketing, networking and mentoring with a decade of focused-involvement in non-invasive health and wellness telecommunications.  Her expertise continues to produce effective and successful business associations.

Marko Mijat, MHA (Business Development)

Mr. Mijat has over 25 years of experience with the organization, management and delivery of medical and healthcare services.  As medical healthcare administrator of Cedars-Senai Hospital and Chief Operating Officer of the Society for Brain Mapping, Mr. Mijat is  an experienced professional with executing goals and objectives.

Jim Knapp, MBA (Business Operations)

Mr. Knapp has over 10 years of executive management and supervisory responsibilities at the local, state and national level including human resources, accounting, personnel management, program service development, grant writing, funding acquisition, advocacy, public policy and government relations. 



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