An Online Portal to Detect, Measure and Analyze Infrared Bioimaging Data Using a Desktop or Laptop Computer

The desktop version of Thermetry gives professionals the ability to access their account and our imaging analytics system by uploading images from their third-party infrared imaging cameras into the online Thermetry portal.  Professionals now have the ability to generate objective and quantified analytic reports from anywhere at anytime using a wide range of compatible thermal imaging cameras.  Fill out the form below to learn more about subscribing to Thermetry and how to integrate this powerful technology into your professional setting.



Computer + IR Camera

Once subscribed, simply upload your thermal images  into our online portal for automated imaging analytics using your computer and digital infrared camera.



Interested in Subscribing?

  • Review Sample Analytic Reports

  • Discuss Infrared Imaging Options

  • Learn About Subscription Plans

Request a consult to learn more about our services and subscription plans. Simply use the link below and fill out the form to help us better understand your professional setting and connect you with the appropriate Thermetry specialist.

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