An Intelligent System that Detects, Measures and Analyzes Bioimaging Data Using the iPad and FLIR One Pro

The mobile version of Thermetry allows professionals to access our imaging analytics system using the Thermetry IOS app which interfaces and with the FLIR One Pro.  Professionals now have the flexibility to take IR images, generate analytic reports and access client accounts from anywhere at anytime.  Contact a Thermetry specialist to learn more about Thermetry Mobile and how to integrate this technology into your professional setting.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Thermetry (Mobile Version)?

Integrating Thermetry (mobile) into your professional setting is an easy process with affordable imaging solutions that will truly enhance your decision-making capabilities. Below are the steps to getting started: 1. Subscription - Simply fill out our subscription form (linked at the bottom of this page). This form helps us to better understand your professional setting to ensure that we have a specialist from the appropriate division contact you to discuss imaging solutions and analytic reporting access that best matches your clinical or research needs. 2. Equipment - We are a certified retailer of FLIR imaging equipment and can add the appropriate infrared camera to the purchase of your subscription. Once your application is received, a specialist will contact you to discuss imaging solutions and associated pricing. Or, the specialist can provide the model number for you to make the purchase from FLIR directly. 3. Training - We developed Thermetry with the professional in mind and minimal training is needed. One of our primary accomplishments with Thermetry was creating a system that removed many of the challenges associated with integrating thermal imaging into clinical and research settings. Our interactive guidance system provides step-by-step instructions to help you take images correctly and that environmental parameters are met for the highest quality analytic standards. If there are any imaging concerns such as incorrect angle, distance, temperature parameters or anatomical regions, the system will decline images in real-time and provide coaching on ways to resolve the issues. We also provide orientations on imaging solutions so that you are confident with both the hardware and software being integrated into your setting.

Do I have to invest in expensive equipment?

Absolutely not. Just like any camera, infrared cameras significantly increase in price the higher the resolution (based on the number of temperature points are measured displayed as pixels). Typically, expensive high resolution cameras are used in clinical and research instances where professionals need to manually analyze imaging data through visual observations. These instances require extremly high resolution and can be very expensive for the seasoned professionals. Thermetry can analyze thousands of temperature points unseen to the naked eye at lower resolutions and provide quality insight for professionals at a fraction of the cost of high resolution cameras in instances where manual clinical observations are needed. Remember, where as higher resolution cameras may be used in clinical observations for diagnosis, our technology was developed as an adjunct tool for professionals to obtain fast physiological insight to enhance decision-making capabilites.

Do I need internet connection?

Yes. Our cloud-based analytics system requires LTE, Wifi or a hotspot to access our database, submit images for analysis and receive generated reports.

How do I get the FLIR One Pro?

For convenience, you can purchase the FLIR One Pro from our company along with your Thermetry subscription(as we are a certified relailer of FLIR products). Or, we can direct to the official FLIR website page where you can order the FLIR One Pro directly from FLIR. NOTE: Thermetry (Mobile Version) is currently only compatible with the FLIR One Pro. For those looking for more details on FLIR One Pro specifications, here is the information:

Can I use my current iPad?

Yes! As long as you have an iPad with IOS version 11.0, you can download the Thermetry IOS app onto your current iPad and it will be compatible with the FLIR One Pro.

What types of imaging analytics can I access on the mobile version?

Thermetry (Mobile) offers imaging analytics and reporting templates for a wide range of clinical and research settings. To learn more about our complete list of analytic solutions and which may ones may be supportive to your professional needs, fill out our subscription application and a specialist will be in touch to discuss options with you.

What types of subscriptions do you offer?

We are very flexible and offer many types of subscription options based on your professional needs. We adapt every subscription with the types of analytics, reporting templates and volume based on the specific settings for which it will be integrated. From small research projects to world-wide commercial use-cases, we accomodate our professionals by customizing subscriptions in ways to optimize their professional needs.

Who should use the Thermetry (Mobile Version)?

Any professional that is seeking an adjunct tool that offers objective and quantified insight to enhance decision-making capabilites, validate supportive directions to clients and ability to track changes over time. We offer analytic solutions for a wide range of industries and professional settings.


iPad App + Flir One Pro

Once subscribed, simply use the Thermetry IOS app for the iPad and attach the FLIR One Pro to access and our osteopathic reports.