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An Intelligent System that Detects, Measures and Analyzes Bioimaging Data to Provide Advanced Insights

An intelligent system (IS) is a computer program that uses algorithms, computations and technologies to simulate the judgment of an expert.  Our developed intelligent system uses proprietary algorithms and computations to recognize and analyze bioimaging data from third-party imaging hardware. Thermetry is the part of that system which analyzes thermal bioimaging data from infrared images. Our proprietary bioinformatics system detects and measures biological data extracted from infrared images to generate reports with advanced visualizations to provide insights based on the analysis of the data.


Expansive Database


A growing database of analytics including anatomical regions and zones relative to specific physiological processes.  Our team continues to develop and expand our imaging analytics database with new reporting templates.  A professional only needs to select the type of reporting template and follow the interactive step-by-step guide for taking and uploading images of the body region where data is being analyzed - our system does the rest.  

Hardware Connectivity

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Extracting meaningful information from images supplied by third-party imaging hardware.  Our system has been developed with capabilities to analyze imaging data supplied by a wide range of third-party imaging hardware across multiple spectrums (IR, RGB, UV). From microscopic to full body imaging, our technology can be adapted for clinical and research use-cases that require the analysis of image data from specific types of hardware.

Multispectral Analytics


A system that synchronizes data from multiple spectrums to report correlative findings.  Our system can overlay and analyze imaging data from multiple spectrums (IR, RGB, UV) to report correlative findings.   Each spectrum provides unique information about regions of interest.  Data can be overlaid, synchronized and analyzed from any combination of infrared, high-resolution RGB and ultraviolet images from third-party hardware.

Interactive Guidance


A system that provides real-time interactive assistance and inspection of collected and uploaded images.  A step-by-step process guides users through the collection and submission of images using reference images and an interactive quality control check to review each image in real-time to ensure all quality control requirements have been reached.   If there are any imaging errors, the professional is notified immediately with error descriptions as well as instructions on how to correctly retake the necessary images.

Intelligent Processing


A system that interfaces human intelligence with artificial intelligence to validate bioimaging data.  Our innovative approach to extracting and processing data makes our system unique and extremely powerful.  The expansive and versatile ways in which we analyze imaging data is not achievable with technology alone.  Human intelligence is required at crucial points of data processing to ensure maximum quality and accuracy of our expert system.  We bridge this gap by training certified technicians to interface with our expert system and oversee data processing to the point of automated analysis and reporting.  

Dynamic Analytics


A System that defines standards from the unique data sets found within each analysis.  We understand that biological processes and functional properties differ from subject to subject. Every analysis will bring unique data sets with variables that need to be factored.  Our system has been developed to consider these variables and calculate dynamic ranges for standardization based on the the unique data sets extracted from each analysis.  


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Cross-Platform Access

Send, receive and access Thermetry reports on any computer or smart device.  Reports are rendered as PDF files and can be shared via text or email. 

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