Expansive Database of Automated Imaging Analytics for a Wide Range of Industries

Thermetry BIOS provides raw thermal data in an organized and referenceable format with image optimizations unparalleled to any other imaging analytics technology.   This powerful application features our anatomical recognition and automated imaging analytics technology with an expansive library of anatomical regions and physiology processes from which to choose.  A professional simply selects the anatomical region to be imaged and the type of physiology data to be analyzed. BIOS then guides the professional through the process of uploading the necessary infrared images for automated analysis and reports are generated that include thermal images optimization, graphs and charts in an organized, user-friendly format for quick and easy referencing.  The BIOS library is regularly updated with new models and ways in which functional data can be analyzed.


Application Features

Precise Anatomical Detection

Thermetry BIOS is able to accurately detect any anatomical region on the entire human body. Imaging biomarkers are precisely added to identifiable biological features for data extraction.

Expansive Physiology Database

Thermetry BIOS can accurately identify multiple zones within the same antomical region based on the relative type of physiological process being analyzed. Some examples of our physiological processes include the following: - Muscle Zones - Neurological Zones - Joint Zones - Vascular Zones - Trigger Point Zones - Acupuncture Zones

Interactive Imaging Guidance

Based on the anatomical region and targeted physiological zone, Thermetry BIOS will provide step-by-step instructions including reference illustrations and imaging feedback to ensure quality images are collected and submitted for reporting accuracy.

Customizable Solutions

Our team can program and integrate custom imaging analytic solutions into our Thermetry BIOS database at a low cost and fast turnaround to meet your specific clinical or research needs. Contact us to learn more.


Apple iPad + FLIR One Pro

Access our expansive database and generate Thermetry BIOS reports using our Thermetry IOS app and the FLIR One Pro for the iPad.



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